Virtual Tour of the Johnston Geology Museum

STOP 9- Giant Ground Sloths

Giant ground sloths existed in the Americas during the Ice Age. Adult sloths such as this one could reach the size of a modern Ox. The largest fossil sloth is almost 10 feet long and is estimated to have weighed over 2,000 pounds. Lucky for their neighbors, they were herbivores! There are no links in this case - its high resolution allow for navigation of the entire display.

Question #28: What is Genus and Species name of the giant ground sloth in this display?

Question #29: If this creature is a herbivor, what are its large claws used for?

Question #30: During what Epoch of geologic time did this animal live in South America? Click here for a Geologic Time Scale.

Question #31: How long ago (in years) did he or she arrive in Kansas?