My Research with Students, Past and Present

Graduate and undergraduate students with a broad range of backgrounds and experience have conducted research in my group and have  landed great jobs!  PSM, M.S., and Senior  research projects completed by members of my group are listed below, along with student's current employers.  Many of them have won awards or received research grants along the way (see "Winner" and "Recipient", below).

  *= distance leaner, += international student

Professional Science Masters (PSM) students at University of Kansas:

Dec 2023 Water levels and nitrate concentrations in the Elkorn River Natural Resource District of Nebraska network,  Joslynn Vanderslice, employed as a Water Resource Manager, Natural Resource District, ONeill, NE


Dec 2023 Assessment and Mitigation of Coastal Sand Mining in Liberia, Davidson Garway, Cincinnatti, OH


Dec 2023 Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge in Remedial Designs at a site in Anchorage, AK, Nicole Johnson, Employed as Project Manager, SLR, Anchorage, AK (in progress).


May 2023 The impact of solid waste management on groundwater in Whein Town, Montserrado County, Liberia, and recommended remediation strategies, Frederick Tarley, Kansas City (in progress).


May 2023  A Comparative Analysis of Chat Removal Methods in the Remediation Process of the Tri-State Mining District Superfund Sites in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Rachel Puleo Employed as Project Manager at U.S. EPA, Kansas City.


May 2023 Vapor Intrusion Pathway using Conceptual Site Modeling and Target Sampling at Ellicott Park Townhomes, Ryan Powell, employed as Environmental Scientist, Hillmann Consulting, LLC, Woodbridge, NJ


May 2023 Identifying High Yield Sand and Gravel Aquifers throughout the Village of Woodbury, New York, Jack Palmerton, employed as hydrogeologist at HydroEnvironmental Solutions, Mt. Kisco, NY

Dec 2022 Geophysical monitoring of desiccation at the field scale to infer flux conditions, Dorothy Linneman, employed as Physicist at Pacific Northwest National Lab, Richmond, WA

Dec 2022 Produced Waters of the Permian Basin: Treatments and Sustainable Water Solutions, Matt Neal, employed as a Geologist,  Devon Energy Corporation.


May 2022 Engaging Adult High School Students in Environmental Investigations: Use of the Tri-state Mining District as a Case Study. Kadie Jo Hamilton, employed as a High School Teacher, Excel Learning Center, Springfield, MO.

Dec 2021 Addressing Fugitive Methane Emissions from Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in the Kansas City, Missouri Area, Nolan Sagan, employed as Geologist, Spire Gas, Kansas City, MO.


Dec 2021 Determining Natural vs. Anthropogenic Sources of Heavy Metals in the Bonita Peak Mining District and the Possibility of Bioremediation, Anne Eiseman, employed as Environmental Scientist, Tetra Tech, Denver, CO.


Dec 2021 The Process and Application of Fungal Bioremediation: A Literature Review. Eric Schoolmeester, Environmental Staff Scientist, GeoTek Engineering & Testing Services, Inc, Sioux Falls, SD.


Dec 2021 Scoring Monitored Natural Attenuation Parameters using EPA’s Technical Protocol, Dillon Moran, employed as Geologist, Tehema LLC, Kansas City, Mo.


Dec 2021 Tracking hexavalent chromium migration through the subsurface using water quality analysis and contaminant transport techniques, Amanda Beam, employed as Hydrogeologist at Montgomery and Associates, Albuquerque, NM. 


Masters of Science and Senior Thesis students at Emporia State University:

2021 A study of the causes and impacts of urban salinity in Khon Kaen City, Northeastern Thailand. Romyupa Srikraiwest+, Ph.D. dissertation, Khon Kaen University, Thailand (co-advisor). (in progress).

2021 The hydrogeochemical suitability of the Powder River Basin for oil field waste injection.  Christopher Brown*, M.S. Thesis, currently employed as Program Manager, Underground Injection Control Program,  Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality, Cheyenne, Wy. 

 2021  The origin and movement of saline groundwater in Khon Kaen, Thailand, Brooke Molson-Moran,* M.S. Thesis, Currently employed as water quality specialist at GIR Mining Inc, Nederland, Co  (in progress).

202x   An analysis of methods for the eradication of cyanobacteria algae in Jerry Ivey Lake, Salina, Kansas. Melissa Baccus*,  M.S. Thesis, currently employed as 7-12 grade science teacher, Minneapolis, Kansas .(in progress)

2020   A virtual, 3D-360 tour of the Johnston Geology Museum, Emporia State University, Briana Edwards B.S. Capstone Project, Recipient, ESU Undergraduate Research Program (ESURP) grant and Association of Women Geoscientists Osage Chapter, Sean S. Thomson Undergraduate Service Scholarship.  Currently working on an MS in Earth Science at Emporia State.

 2020   An evaluation of Missouri mine production and economics, Mariah Obrien*, M.S. Research Project, employed at Missouri Dept of Natural Resources, Columbia, Mo.

2020  An evaluation of the EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) for use at an excavated mine tailings site, Grandby, MissouriElizabeth Coffey Hagenmaier*, M.S. Thesis, currently employed as Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA, Region 7, Kansas City, Ks. Winner, U.S. EPA's National 2020 Project Manager's Award!!

 2019 Surface and downhole geophysics for determination of LNAPL migration in faulted dolomite Corey Miller*, M.S. Thesis, currently employed as Geophysics Assistant at Subsurface Environmental Technologies, N.J. 

2019  Trace metal heterogeneity in flood-prone alluvial sediments along Tar Creek in Miami, OK. Callie Dallimore, B.S. Capstone Project, 2nd Place Winner, Outstanding Undergraduate Poster, Governor’s Future of Water in Kansas Conference, and American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior, currently employed at KCAS Labs, Kansas City, Ks.  

  2019 The Development of 3D, virtual reality minerals for enhancing earth science dducation, Brenna Shuttleworth, B.S. Capstone Project, Recipient, NASA Student Research Grant, currently in graduate program at University of Denver, Co.            

 2018  Direct-push methods for the evaluation of bromide tracer test conducted at a former mining waste contamination site, James (Robert) Rice*, M.S. Thesis, Winner, Farvolden Award for best student poster, National Groundwater Association, Groundwater Summit, Nashville, Tn., currently employed as Geologist II at Navaroo Research and Engineering, Grand Junction, Co.

 2018  Trace metal concentrations in reclaimed, dredged, lake sediments at John Redmond Reservoir, Zachary Hardin. B.S. Capstone Project (Chemistry). Recipient, NASA Student Research Grant, employed as Environmental Chemist at Cargill Industries, Wichita, Ks. 

 2018  Nutrient concentrations in reclaimed, dredged, lake sediments at John Redmond Reservoir, Jesse Higginbotham, B.S. Senior Thesis, Recipient, Emporia State University Undergraduate Research Program (ESURP) and NASA Research grants, employed with U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, John Redmond Reservoir, Ks. 

 2017 Improvement of local soil properties with Chai Badan bentonite for compacted clay liner Design at Khon Kaen Municipal Landfill, Romyupa Nunamkam+, M.S. Thesis, (Khon Kaen University - Co-advisor), Recipient, Khon Kaen University International Travel Fellowship. currently in Ph.D. program, Khon Kaen University, Thailand.

 2017  Sources of high dissolved silica  concentrations in an artesian flowing well field in Northeastern Thailand, Katy Schwinghamer, M.S. Thesis, Recipient, NASA student research grant, Khon Kaen University International Travel Award, and ESU International Study Award, Ks. Winner, ESU 2018 Boylan Award for Outstanding M.S. Thesis, employed as Environmental Scientist, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Topeka, Ks.

 2015 Groundwater flow and solute transport model of heterogeneous unconsolidated aquifer storage and recovery project at Sawankhalok District, Suthothai Province. Pasawee Mungkang+, M.S. Thesis,   Winner, Best Oral Presentation, National Graduate Research Conference, Khon Kaen, Thailand. M.S. Thesis (Khon Kaen University - Co-advisor), employed at Chevron Thailand, Bangkok and Offshore, Thailand.

 2015 Evaluation of Shale Gas Potential in Mississippian Cherokee Formation, Dusty Gutierrez B.S., Recipient, Geological Society of America Undergraduate Research Grant, Winner, Kanas Geological Foundation Scholarship. B.S., employed as Environmental Specialist at Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Topeka, Ks. (with David Newell, Kansas Geological Survey).

 2015 The Origin of Groundwater Phosphate in the Neosho River Alluvial Aquifer.  Katy Schwinghamer, B.S. Winner, Kansas Geological Foundation Scholarship, B.S., currently employed as an Environmental Specialist, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Topeka, Ks.

 2014 Hydrogeology of the Neva Wetland, Flint Hills Kansas, Darrel Drake, M.S. (not completed), employed at Environmental Complience Specialist at Detroit Diesel Corp, Ks.

 2014 Groundwater-surface water nitrogen and phosphorous exchange at two locations along a meandering river: a comparison study of hydrochemical environments along straight and meander channels, D. Marie Barlow. B.S., Recipient, Emporia State University Undergraduate Research Program (ESURP) grant. Winner, “Best of ESU 150” award, and Gem and Mineral Clubs of Greater Kansas City Scholarship,  employed as Environmental Scientist at APTIM, Wichita, Ks.

 2014 Utilization of the LNAPL Distribution and Recovery Model and Multi-phase Theory of LNAPL to Identify Localized Confined LNAPL and Analyze Recovery Data at Two Active Remediation Sites. Jacob Hartsock*, M.S. Thesis, employed as Project Manager at Pioneer Engineering and Environmental Services, Chicago, Il.

 2013 Groundwater silica as an indicator of recharge and recovery during an Artificial Storage and Recovery project in Thailand.  Cathryn Mallonee, M.S. Thesis, employed as Field Technician at Kennedy/Jenks Consulting, Mission, Ks.

 2013  An Investigation of Reactivated Paleokarst in Northern Audrain County, Missouri, James (Blake) Smotherman*, M.S. Thesis, currently in Ph.D. program, University of Missouri.

 2013 Applications of Near-surface Geophysics in solving Environmental and Engineering Problems: A Series of Case Studies. Corey Miller*, B.I.D. Capstone project, See above.

 2012 High-resolution, two-dimensional groundwater flow models based on direct-push Electrical Conductivity and Hydraulic Profiling Tool Logs, John Barker, Winner, Kansas Geological Foundation Scholarship, M.S. Thesis, currently employed as Geologist II at KDOT, Topeka, Ks.

 2012 Short-lived temporal variations in Ground-water Nitrate and Phosphate as a function of reservoir releases along the Neosho River, Leslie Thomas, M.S. (not completed).

 2012 High-resolution characterization of a salt plume in the Equus Beds, Kansas. Delores (Lori) Neshyba-Bird, M.S. Thesis,  Winner, Geological Society of America “Outstanding Mention” Award (1 in 17 of 670  applicants); Recipient, GSA  Hydrogeology Division student research grant, employed as a science teacher, Trinity Middle School, Hutchinson, Ks. See GSA Hydrogeology newsletter

 2011  Agricultural contaminants and stream-aquifer interaction in the Upper Neosho River, Jacob Petty, Senior Thesis, Winner, Outstanding Undergraduate Poster, Governor’s Future of Water in Kansas Conference, employed as science teacher, Kansas City, Ks.

2011  Exploring concepts and methodologies for assessing long-term well yield. Douglas Geller*, M.S. Thesis, President and Hydrogeologist, Western Water Associated, Ltd., British Columbia, Canada.  see alumni story

2009  Deep Organic Carbon in Glaciated and Unglaciated Alluvial Valleys, Brandon Milner, B.S., 2009, employed as Environmental Geologist at Kansas Corporation Commission, Topeka, Ks.

2009  Development of a New Direct-push-based Approach for On-site Assessment of Redox Conditions in Contaminated Aquifers, Amelia Hess. M.S. Research Project, Winner, ESU Harold Durst Research Proposal Award, and Association of Women Geoscientists Chrysalis Award. Winner, Best student poster, National Ground Water Association Ground Water Summit conference), M.S. Research Project,  employed as Environmental Specialist at Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment, Topeka, Ks.

2008  Spatial and Temporal Variations in Ground-water Chemistry along a Regulated, Mid-continent River, Megan Flory, B.S., Recipient, Geological Society of America, Student Research grant, B.S. research project, employed at Stonebridge Consulting, Oklahoma City, Ok.

2007  Iron Reduction Mechanisms at Contaminated Ground-water Sites, Tyler Ringler, B.S., employed as sales representative at Mettler-Toledo International, Inc, Tampa, Fl., 

2007  High-resolution Characterization of the Neosho River Alluvium:  A combined Geophysical and Geospatial Analysis, Spencer Musgrove, B.S., Winner, best collaborative poster competition, Emporia State University Research Forum, employed  as Mid-Continent Exploration Manager at Samuel Gary, Jr. and Associates, Denver, Co.

2006  Hydrogeochemical and Geospatial Analysis of a Floodplain Margin Kevin Barnett, M.S. (Winner, Best Collaborative Poster Award, Emporia State University Research Forum, 2006) (not completed), employed as GIS specialist at Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC, Fl.         

2006  Retardation of Uranium and Neptunium in Yucca Mountain Saturated Alluvium (In collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory), Cheryl Sedlacek, M.S. Research Project, employed as Research Assistant at Los Alamos National Lab, NM.

 2006 Late Quaternary Ostracodes as Indicators of Salinity Conditions and Paleohydrology in a Mid-continent Wetland, M.S. Thesis (with lab support from USGS, Reston, VA and The Nature Conservancy), Ladorna (Jo) Pfaff, retired.

 2005 Design of a Decontamination Protocol for a New Ground-water Sampling Tool, Natasha Patenaude, B.S. Research Project, employed as QC Lab Supervisor at Fuller Brush Company, Wichita Ks.


Research Committee Member (Masters and Ph.D.):                

 2019  2D and 3D Electrical Resistivity Tomography for detecting Subsurface Features and Geologic Structures Contributing to Sinkhole Collapses at Ban Dan Chang, Dna Chang Sub-district, Na Klang Districu, Ong Bua Lam Phu Province, Thailand.  Tatsanaporn Ruansorn (Khon Kaen University), M.S. Thesis.

 2019  Protecting Habitat and Environmentally Sensitive Areas:  An Examination of Horizon 2020 - The Comprehensive Plan for Lawrence and Unincorporated Douglas County. Kristine Hicks (University of Kansas, Professional Science Master’s Program), M.S. Capstone Project, employed as sustainability and energy coordinator, Washburn University.

 2018 Documenting the History of Conservation Practices on Highly Erodible Land (H.E.L) within the Stillman-Dow Creek Drainage Basins, Lyon County, Kansas, Using Historical Aerial Photographs and Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S) Technology, Nnabuike Kenneth Ezeh, M.S. Research Project.

 2016 Proton Adsorption to Iron Minerals as Function of Temperature, Gang Yang, M.S. Research Report (Emporia State University, Chemistry Dept.).

 2012* An Analysis of the Neosho and Spring River Basins for Spatial and Temporal Variabilities and Chemical Trends in Relation to the Watersheds’ Drainage Systems and Underlying Geology within the Tri-State Mining District, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, Gina Manders, M.S. Research Project.

 2010  Remote Sensing and Imagery at Cheyenne Bottoms, Kansas, Lida Buster Owens, M.S. Research Project. 

 2008* Landscape dynamics of the Halden Creek area, British Columbia, Chad Seigel, M.S. Research Project.

 2007* Renovation of a Pond Dam at Mississinewa Lake, Scott Dahms, M.S. Research Project.

 2006+ Direct-push Electrical Conductivity Technology for Interpreting Soil Lithology in a Thick Vadose Zone, Zhang Li, M.S. Thesis. Chinese Academy of Science Graduate Institute, Shijiazhuang, China. 

2005 Glaciotectonic Structural Analysis of Devils Lake, North Dakota, William Jacobson, M.S. Thesis.

 2005  Information Needs and Behaviors of Geoscience Educators: A Grounded-theory Study, Susan Aber, Emporia State University, School of Library and Information Systems, Ph.D. Dissertation.

2005* Tsunami Impact on West Coast of Penang Island, Fred Colburne, Malaysia, M.S. Research Project.