Virtual Tour of the Johnston Geology Museum

STOP 1 - Introduction to Fossils and Fossilization

Fossils are evidence of former life. Different modes of fossil preservation can provide clues about everything from past living conditions, to causes of death and burial processes. Fossils can be both organic and inorganic. When filled with sediment, the footprints you leave after walking in mud, or marks left by a burrowing creature provide evidence that someone or something once occupied a site. For more on fossils and fossilization, click on and navigate the display below, review the nine linked annotations provided at our first stop, and answer the following questions.

Question #1. Aside from Tracks and Trails, what are the five types of fossil preservation indicated in this display ?

Question #2. One of the most unique fossils in the museum can be viewed by clicking on #6. What is this fossil and how does it form?