Dr. Schulmeister's Collection of 3D Minerals

Welcome to the world's first-ever 3D mineral models! The virtual 3D minerals on this pages were created by two ESU Earth Science majors (Brenna Shuttleworth and Briana Edwards) and I over the past two years, as a complement to the online section of our Introduction to Earth Science course. The following links include both masterpieces and works in progress. While the resolution of some models is not perfect, others provide a useful tool for learning mineral identification. To view each sample, click on its name. A 3D model will appear (wait for it to load) that you can rotate and magnify with your computer mouse or a two-finger swipe. Embedded, numbered circles provide links to details or videos about the mineral's properties. Thank you for helping us "beta test" our newest teaching tool!

This collection was created by Dr. Marcia Schulmeister and Briana Edwards and is part of our ESUEarthSci collection on Sketchfab. If you use our materials, please acknowledge us. Thanks!