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STOP 7 -The Cretaceous Fossils of Kansas

The “western interior seaway” occupied Kansas about 75 million years ago during the Cretaceous. The Cretaceous fossils obtained from this environment in western Kansas include some of the worlds best examples of both flying (Pteranodon) and swimming (Mosasaur) creatures . There’s a lot to see in this display too. Click on the image below, enlarge your screen, and review the annotations in sequence, before attempting to answer the questions.

Question #22: What is the approximate range in years (beginning to end) of the Cretaceous Period? Click here to view a: Geologic Time Scale

Question #23: What environment were these fossils living in (Continental, Marine or Transitional)?

Question #24: What type of rock is the Cretaceous of Kansas famous for?

Question #25: Why are flying reptile fossils found in these Cretaceous marine deposits.