GO 571 Hydrogeology


This course will be taught in online/on-campus hybrid mode. All students must have access to the Web.

Lectures and supplementary handouts will available at the class Canvas Site. Online students are expected to review lectures whenever convenient during the scheduled time interval--see schedule for notification of availability of each week's lecture. Materials for the week will usually be made available on the Friday preceding the week homework is due. The lectures will typically include links to other websites and various sources of information. Students are encouraged to follow these links to discover more about the subject matter.

Homework Assignments in this course will range from manipulation of data available on the web to mastery of the mathmatical expressions through problem solving. Students are allowed to work with others on homework problems but must turn individual, original answers to all of the questions. All steps taken in obtaining answers to each question must be presented (partial credit will be given for incorrect answers if work is presented in a coherent, logical manner). Homework will typically be due on Thursdays at 5 PM CST and must be uploaded to the Canvas Site. Late homework will not be accepted unless permission is granted by the instructor BEFORE the due date. Because the homework formats will vary, instructions for submitting each homework exercise will be provided as each activity is assigned.

Examinations: Two hourly exams and a final exam will be administered in "take-home" format. Students may use course notes and the textbook to answer in solving problems or answering questions, but must work independently. All work presented must be the original work of the student. Students receiving an A in the course upon early submission of the term project may be allowed to forego the final exam. Details regarding this option will be discussed in class.

Web-based Term Project: All students will submit a term project as one of the requirements of this course. Report topics will be chosen with approval of the instructor. Detailed guidelines regarding this assignment will be provided midway through the semester. The work will be presented as a web presentation and may be linked to the course homepage for all students to review--see past student presentations.

On-campus field trips: At several times during the semester on-campus students and those within driving distance of campus may be expected to participate in field-based activities. The activities will documented on the website for the benefit of those who are unable to attend. Related alternative exercises will be assigned for distance learners who can not attend the field sessions. Material presented in these sessions may be incorporated in homework exercises and exams.

Class participation: All off-campus students will interact with the instructor weekly via weekly assignments. On-campus students are required to attend class sessions on Monday, Wednesdays and on some Fridays. Class participation will be factored in to final grades are assigned

Note: Reports, exercises and presentations must be original and unique works created by the student's own effort and submitted for ES 571 only. Images, text or other components may not be utilized for other earth science courses.