GEOL 791 Direct-push Methods for Environmental Site Characterization

Department of Geology

University of Kansas, U.S.A.

This course is designed as a second, 8-week, 1-credit hour, field workshop. Its focus is a required on-campus, day-long activity on Saturday November 5th, 2022. In addition to the in-person field day, online Zoom class sessions will be held as several times between Oct 20 and Dec. 10 to introduce material, short homework assignments and quizzes. A final report will be compliled at the end of he course that is based on data collected during the field session and/or other data sets.

Please log in to Canvas on the first day of classes to find instructions for viewing the first lecture and completing the first assignment.

  • Prerequisite

GEOL 552 Introduction to Hydrogeology or consent of instructor.

  • Textbook

There is no textbook for this course. All resources are provided in Canvas

  • Additional resources

This field based course is taught at the Lawrence Campus, Geohydrologic Experimental Monitoring Station (GEMS)